Black Stars With Weave Vs. Natural Hair

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What a transformation!

Black women have expressed themselves through their hair for decades. Whether it's with Bantu knots, sew-ins, goddess braids, or their beautiful natural curls, sometimes words aren't even necessary when a black woman enters a room because her hair speaks for itself. It's an incredible sight to see, yet society can oftentimes enforce its own ideal beauty standard that doesn't leave much room for black women's natural hair to thrive. But as the conversation opens up and the media takes notice of this injustice, more and more beautiful black celebrities are letting their natural manes loose and showing the world that they can easily do both. They want the girls watching them to know it's ok to embrace whichever route they want to, and for society to know their beauty standards are a bit outdated. Here's a compilation of 21 black women that prove what's under and what's placed over is just as equally beautiful. Get Started