15 Black Celebs Who Went From Rags To Riches

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They did that!

These black celebrities beat the odds to achieve mainstream success. The odds of a successful career in the arts are basically slim to none. It is no wonder that the with each new class of famous artists, models, actors, and directors, comes a new wave of nepotism. Every new young thing is usually the kid of some rich and famous celebrity. That makes it all the more triumphant and impressive when outsiders break the impossible barrier to even get their foot in the door. When you think of what is stacked against someone without any connections and couple that with the black American experience -- those are some tough odds to beat. Yet, some of the most significant, paradigm-shifting contributions to the arts come from black Americans. Even when segregation and Jim Crow were at its bleakest and most degrading, black artists were able to pave their way to success. Many of them have turned personal struggles into beautiful art. Traumas that -- understandably -- would cripple others, appear to be the fuel for these black stars to strive to become the greatest. They say black people are magic, and this list might shed some light on why. Not only have these stars overcome personal tribulations and societal ones, they are some of the most successful people on the planet. Get Started