33 Hilarious Tweets About Thanksgiving With Black Families That Are Too Real

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EVERY black Thanksgiving is like this!

33 hilarious photos about Thanksgiving with black families that will make you laugh out loud. You know what it's like. The cornbread, the greens, the sweet tea. It can't be Thanksgiving without a good ol' potluck-style situation, and you can't forget some of the fixins, You know that macaroni and cheese is low-key the best Thanksgiving side, but you also have plenty of turkey and maybe even ham to go with it. Get some Kool-Aid for the kids and you're good to go. To make things simple, disposable plates, utensils, napkins, and cups help out a lot. However, no matter how much you prepare, you still can't predict what your family is gonna do on Thanksgiving.

When you see some of the tweets in here, you'll laugh until you cry. These situations and scenarios are TOO true. You remember your uncle whoopin' your butt at Spades, or the insane outfit your thrice-divorced aunt decided to wear. Maybe you're excited to see all your cousins again at once, so you can sneak off and get into trouble together on the down low. Just don't let your mama find out.

But some of the more subtle things about Thanksgiving with black families are also in this list... and you might laugh even harder at those. Do you see the similarities in your family too? Get Started